Drool Puppy #1

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“Everything will be fine!”

Drools always have a calm idea.

And they never contend with other ideas.

This is a necessary thought for decentralization.

In other words, having this NFT is identity, fashion, and peace.

Drools always tells us “Everything will be fine!”.

“Drools & Pixels” is a whole unique NFT project.

These are all pixel art drawn on a 32x32 canvas.

There are ten background colors: blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple, indigo, pink, gray, and white. Drools come in many variations, including animals, tools, planets, imaginary creatures and much more.

Drools & Pixels inherits Nouns DAO's design with respect. The data is stored directly on Ethereum and does not utilize pointers to other networks such as IPFS. This is possible because drool parts are compressed and stored on-chain using a custom run-length encoding (RLE), which is a form of lossless compression.

The compressed parts are efficiently converted into a single base64 encoded SVG image on-chain. To accomplish this, each part is decoded into an intermediate format before being converted into a series of SVG rects using batched, on-chain string concatenation. Once the entire SVG has been generated, it is base64 encoded.

“Artist’s BIO”

Mae is an award-winning pixel artist with a solid career that includes TV appearances and collaborations with famous Japanese artists.

And mae is a one-of-a-kind artist who can express everything from emotional and nostalgic landscapes to pop and cute characters. (You can check SR and FND)

The common thread that runs through all of the works is the meticulous pixel work. There is a margin there that everyone can relate to.

It is mae's artist policy and love for the recipient.

Mae also has a history of being an elementary school teacher

Therefore, mae has always had the mindset of being an ally to children and those who have no place to stay.

Mae hopes to create a comfortable secret base with you through art.


Drools & Pixels has plans to enhance its brand image through various approaches, including NFT and product development. Therefore, we will be using Drools for various developments. Please understand this in advance.

Droolers (holders) may use their Drools for personal and commercial purposes.

Personal and commercial use is allowed only during the NFT holding period.

We hope you enjoy Drools & Pixels, but please note that we reserve the right to discontinue use of Drools & Pixels if it is deemed to be used in a malicious manner (including obscene, offensive or violent content).